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Our company boasts a team of seasoned managers and professionals with substantial experience under their belts. Collectively, we have decades’ worth of management experience.


Restate investment in Pakistan comprises various shapes and forms, and it can be a profitable way to earn. If you are planning to step into the real estate sector anytime soon, it is ideal for you to understand the basic types of real estate properties in Pakistan. Once you know them, you can easily determine which type is best for you as per your needs and budget. 

The idea for this blog came knocking when we were discussing the categories of land, where we mentioned that real estate investment can be quite rewarding if you are well-aware of its basics.

  • Residential Properties 
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Industrial Properties 
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Vacant Land




Buying & Selling of Residential Properties

Binroshan Associates offers selling & buying of Residential properties in Lahore – also known as residential real estate – are the most popular types of real estate properties in Pakistan. As the name implies, residential properties are specifically used for residential purposes, and they can be bought, sold, or rented according to the same purpose. 


Homes are the most important and widely used types of real estate properties in Pakistan. In comparison with flats, buying a single-family home requires a large chunk of investment. The great thing about owning a house is that you can build or modify it according to your needs, which isn’t quite possible in apartment buildings.

Apartment Buildings

Apartments buildings or apartments are known as flats in the local lingo. Flats are multi-family units that are shared by various owners. Spotting an apartment in cities like Karachi and Lahore is not a hard task. In fact, most of the urban areas in Pakistan are dotted with high-rises that are reserved for residential purposes. 

Cooperative Housing

Cooperative housing or cooperative housing societies are a distinctive type of homeownership. As such, if you buy a property in cooperative housing or a cooperative society, you become a shareholder in a corporation that owns the real property. You will then be entitled to occupy a residential unit as per the agreement. 

buying & selling of commerical properties

Binroshan Associates offer commercial real estate services in Lahore. Commercial property usually refers to units that are restricted to business activities. Basically, any property that is used for generating income falls under the category of commercial properties. The subcategories of this type of real estate are mentioned below: 

  • Offices
  • Shopping malls 
  • Departmental stores or shops 
  • Recreational facilities 
  • Motes, hotels, or resorts 
  • Restaurants, dhabas, cafes, or any eatery
  • Theatres or cinemas
  • Privately owned parking facilities 

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